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Create extra atmosphere in the bathroom with wallpaper

Wallpaper in the bathroom adds atmosphere without the need for extensive renovation. Forget old-fashioned tiling and keep a lot of money in your pocket by opting for much more budget-friendly photo wallpaper in the bathroom. Another nice thing about wallpaper is that you can go either way and vary it more often. Tired of bathing overlooking a tropical beach on the wall? And would you rather create the hotel chic feeling with bathroom wallpaper of a marble print, for example? Then simply remove our non-woven wallpaper from the wall again. So you can make room for a whole new wallpaper in no time.

Bathroom wallpaper in alle shapes and sizes

Bathroom wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, you can create the tile look with a beautiful photo wallpaper of tiles in the bathroom. Ranging from hexagon tiles to tiles laid in a fishbone pattern. But you can also think about beautiful stones. Besides marble, other types of stones are also possible on your bathroom wallpaper. Like quarry stones, grey natural stones or a colourful mosaic. And how about a concrete look? Perfect if you like to give your bathroom an industrial look with wallpaper. But you can also go wild with colourful prints of exotic palm leaves, romantic flowers or anything else you like.

Wallpaper in your bathroom? Yes it is possible!

Still doubting whether photo wallpaper in the bathroom is a good idea? We would like to give you the information you need to make it suitable for perhaps the most humid room in the house. With a special transparent, water-based coating, you seal the wallpaper in the bathroom. This will protect it from chemicals and make it impact and scratch resistant. But more importantly: this coating makes it water-repellent. Thanks to this wall finish, you can therefore apply any wallpaper from our range in your bathroom. Only wallpaper in the shower cubicle itself is not recommended. The coating cannot handle that much water. But behind the toilet or sink, wallpaper in the bathroom with the wall finish is no problem at all.

Waterproof wallpaper in your bathroom

Applying the coating to your bathroom wallpaper is very easy. You can already do it within 24 hours of wallpapering. Stir the wall finish well and apply it undiluted to a clean, dry, grease-, wax- and dust-free surface. Go over the bathroom wallpaper with a glue brush or 100% lint-free felt roller. It is best to do this in long vertical strips. After 30 minutes, the coating is dust-dry and workable after 6 hours. The coating on your bathroom wallpaper is only fully cured after 28 days. So during drying and cleaning, be a little careful to make sure it dries nicely. On the instructions for use of the wall finish, all steps are explained in detail.